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for all kinds of button box related paraphernalia. 

You will find T-shirts, caps, ties, mugs, bumper stickers, even NEW and used button boxes, music 'notes' (even Griffschrift notation!)  instructional books, CD's and tapes!

If you are trying to find a button box, or have one to sell, drop me and e-mail, as I will try to put buysers and sellers togeather. I can even help you buy or sell your box here on my site, or on E-Bay.

Do you have some sound clips or recordings of yourself playing the button box (any type)? I would like to start a page where users could find samples of different folks playing different styles .. on of course, different boxes. Please e-mail the clips to dhosh@YOURAccordion.com



Matt Spears - Albion, MI

Recently Refurbished Novak

~1932 Peter Stachl needing LOTS of work.

My new FBbEbAb Muller, made in Austria.

Sound Samples:


House by the Wayside - Waltz - Single

House by the Wayside - Waltz 3-par

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Welcome to www.SteirischeHarmonika.com!   This is the area of YOUR Accordion Services, devoted to the Steirische Harmonika (Deutsch for Styrian Diatonic Button Box). We're located in Petoskey, Michigan USA.  In our shop pages, you will find lots of button box paraphernalia, from toy and backpacking harmonikas, to full sized professional models; silk ties, t-shirts, and baseball caps, to mugs and pewter pictures; and Griffschrift notation training books (with accompanying CD's) , and 'notes' books, to some wonderful folk music, featuring these instruments, and others of their region.

We will attempt to be a resource and depository for all kinds of Steirische Harmonika related items, from training methods, music, instruments, and who knows --- maybe even lederhosen!

The photo above is of me in my a light brown, knicker-style lederhosen from the Ommerammergau region of Bavaria .. with an Austrian made Steirische from the Muller Harmonika company.  The dapper fellow to the left is Matt Spears, in his Slovenian lederhosen, playing a Zuppan 4-row.  Below Matt is a Slovenian Novak, recently refurbished, and below that a Peter Stachl from Graz, Austria, built approx. 1932 .. in sorry shape, but rebuild-able.

Please fill out one of the Guestbook, Comments, or Questionaire pages, or simply send an e-mail to dhosh@SteirischeHarmonika.com, if you have any questions or suggestions about these instruments, or this web site. 

Enjoy, and Happy wondering!


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